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Is it time to change your car? Know the signs!

This may be the right time to change cars. Watch for signs and don't wait for the car to stop for good.

Years go by, cars get old, they break down, they no longer meet the needs of their drivers.

Sometimes change is inevitable, with road safety at stake!

Does your current car break down frequently or require you to invest more in repair and / or replacement parts?

Worry about the negative environmental impact caused by your car emissions? Is circulation with it restricted in certain places due to environmental laws?

Does your vehicle consume more fuel than you would expect?

These are some reasons that may justify switching to a new car. Here are the most common: 

  • The age of the vehicle 

This is the most frequent reason for buying a new car.

According to the mechanics, when a car reaches the age of ten it needs special maintenance.

This is not an absolute rule. There are cars that last longer or shorter depending on many factors, including the care taken over the years (with preventative maintenance for example), the driving style, the climate to which they are exposed.

On our site, for example, you can find everything from everyday tips that improve performance and help protect your vehicle, to solutions and products that will help you achieve better performance and extend engine life.



  • The vehicle already counts many kilometers traveled

As with the age of the car, with regard to the kilometers traveled the reference is 100 thousand kilometers. When it comes to everyday cars, problems can start to emerge mainly when the odometer reaches six digits.

Of course this is not a universal rule and here, once again, there are factors that accelerate or prevent vehicle degradation.  

  • Breakdowns and technical complications

(The age or mileage mentioned above often results in this point).

Constant repairs and breakdowns are also a major reason to change your car, especially if it is outside the warranty period.

When you realize that the investment you need to make is not worth it, it is not justified by the real value of the car, do the math as it can make it worth a lot to buy a new one.

  • The family has grown and there is a need for more space

As the family grows, the car needs to meet the new member's (or members') transportation needs safely and comfortably. This, too, is one of the main motivations for purchasing a new car.

  • Personal taste and the look of the car

Disliking the exterior or interior appearance of the car is a reason for change, after all there is no major intervention that can be done in this regard.


These are the main reasons that justify buying a new car and saying goodbye to the old one.

However, the owner does not always realize the need to change.

Understand the signs that tell you it may be time to change cars:

  • The car breaks down, requiring repairs (albeit small) with increasing frequency;

  • The car has body problems (the cabin is in poor condition, the insulation is not in good condition, there is visible rust);

  • The car emits too dark smoke from the exhaust pipe (meaning the engine is burning too much fuel or damage is being repaired);

  • The engine makes strange noises in operation;

  • In the cooling system there are frequent losses of liquid;

  • Motor temperature is not stable - there are overheating problems;

  • Suspension difficulties are encountered (on uneven surfaces the damping system does not perform properly);

  • Feels strange vibrations (on pedals, steering wheel);

  • Note that there are steering and transmission clearances (changing direction is more difficult and needs to apply more force when depressing the clutch pedal);

  • The brakes are not 100% (you need to step harder on the pedal)

Whenever you notice any of these signs, consult an automobile professional. Trust our partner Midas.

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