Keep track of your discounts on the Galp card portal

Galp has launched a new portal for the management of all cards. Now you can check the movements and discounts you got with your card, easily and quickly, wherever you are.

Register your discount card at Simply enter your Galp Frota Business or Galp+ card number and fill in your details. As soon as you enter your reserved area you will have access to your account information: liters consumed, discounts you have obtained and graphs of consumption of the last months.

And from here, surf at ease! Search for all the moves, go to the detail of each one, find out how to get more discounts.

You can also set your communication preferences, ask to receive your statement by email, and choose to be the first to know all Galp campaigns and promotions.

Do not waste any more time, register your Galp discount card at!

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