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Tangerina stores
and Tangerina Caffé

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next stop: morning coffee

Find the fuel you need for the first few miles of your day at Tangerina Galp stores without waiting in line and get the Sical 4 coffee booklet + 1 coffee on offer.

attention is in excess of quality

But do not worry that you will not be fined for this, rather the opposite. Discover the economical menus we have prepared for you at Tangerina Galp stores, starting at € 1.35.

travel fresh, stop for freshness

From bread to milk in the Tangerina and Tangerina Caffé Galp stores, freshness is served in every menu prepared at the moment to receive it.

stop listen and save

At Galp we do not believe that cheap is expensive. We believe you drive with you each time you visit the Tangerina Galp stores. Only then can our demand be so high for low prices.

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Let us guide you to your next destination quickly and directly.

Tangerine stores and caffé

Meet the stores that excel for freshness and quality.

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To take you 50km further on.

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LPG Auto

Convert your car to GPL Auto and save today.

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comfort is to fill up however you want

Three different ways to fill up in Galp stations.
See how, try it.

via verde

In Galp stations you can find Via Verde, and you can choose how to pay.

how does it work


via verde

Find the pumps with the Via Verde symbol and follow our indications:


Press the Via Verde button


Enter the card code associated with Via Verde


Enter your data on the screen to request an invoice


Press "ok" to print an invoice, after refueling


If you have any questions, please contact the store

pump payment

Self service (24/7). Avoid inside queues.

pomp man

You got you the best specialist as you are a special client.

supply safely

A safe trip also involves learning the fueling rules of Galp gas stations. Know what you can and cannot do when fueling your vehicle.

put brightness back on track

Come to see our advanced car wash machinery that keeps your car protect and ready.

car wash and
cleansing services

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overtake the difficulties

Galp Energia,  together with Fundação Galp Energia supports the Assisted attendance service, in order to promote the autonomy and quality of service to handicapped clients or ones with adapted cars.

There are 68 service stations providing this service to handicapped clients or ones with adapted cars, which are identified with specific couplets.

Which Galp stations have Assisted Assistance Service available for People with Reduced Mobility?

This service is available at 68 Galp stations. Checkhere the list indicating the geographical distribution of the posts with this service.

How does the Assisted Assistance Service for people with reduced mobility work at Galp stations?

The customer should go to a gas pump marked with the “Assisted Pump” sign and press the transmitter (control) which will beep and sound on a receiver placed next to the operator inside the store. The operator, through the station intercom sound system, informs the customer who received the order and asks him to wait for him to go to the pump.

How can you get the sender (command)?

To obtain the command, intended exclusively for people with reduced mobility, simply fill out the form available here, indicating the license plate of the adapted vehicle driving and the station where the device is to be lifted. After 5 working days you can go to the post you indicated on the adapted vehicle you registered and lift your command. The command will remain in the lifting post for one month. If you are not lifting the command during this time, you must place a new order.

Is there a procedure required to activate the command before first use?

The controls are already equipped with batteries, programmed and ready for use.

How can I get more information?

The 707 504 257 helpline is available during the week from 9am to 8pm. You can also ask your questions to the email: and fax: 21 005 87 17.

How is payment made?

Payment must be made with cash.

When will this service be available?

Assisted service will be available at the 76 above mentioned stations between 8am and 11pm.

Is the service available on all supply islands?

The supply island where the service is available is identified with its badge.

Does the service concern fuel supply only or does it extend to Auto Services and Service Area Stores?

This service was designed to promote the autonomy and quality of service to customers with motor limitations not only in fuel supply, but also in auto and store services in Service Areas.

got questions about our stations?

Find the answers you need here.

Check the station list here

Check the station list here

Which stations have washing?

Check here the list of posts

Where can I find a station?

See the map here.

To facilitate the search of stations, please activate the location in your browser.

Which are the stations with Assisted Service for people with reduced mobility?

This service is available at the identified stations. See here the list indicating the geographical distribution of the stations with this service.

Where can I find Galp service stations?

With more than 1400 service stations in Iberia, 900 of which in Portugal, Galp is the operator with the largest network of service stations in the country. See the map here and find the nearest Galp station.

What Galp gas stations have washing?

Check the list of Galp stations with automatic washing system here.

What are the Galp fuel stations with Assisted Service for people with reduced mobility?

Our commitment to people with reduced mobility has led us to create solutions that facilitate access to our stations. Check the list of Galp service stations with Assisted Service here.

still in doubt?

If you have questions about Galp products contact us:

707 504 257

Business days from 9am until 8pm.

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